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Getting Around in Ethiopia

By Air

Ethiopian Airlines runs internal flights to over 40 towns, although services may be infrequent. Airports throughout Ethiopia are currently being upgraded in a step to encourage tourism. Ethiopian Airlines is reasonably priced and has fairly comprehensive domestic services. Flights are often overbooked, so it is essential to reconfirm your tickets at least a day in advance and show up at the airport on time. If you forget to reconfirm, they will assume you aren't going to show up and may give away your seats.

By Rail

The only working line runs between Addis Ababa and Djibouti, via Dire Dawa and Harar. Travellers should be prepared for occasional delays.

By Road

A good network of all-weather roads services most business and tourist centres. Otherwise, 4-wheel-drive vehicles are recommended. Frequent fuel shortages can make travel outside Addis Ababa very difficult. Vehicle travel after dark outside Addis Ababa is risky. Traffic drives on the right.


Bus services throughout the country are run by the government as well as private companies. The bus terminus can provide schedules and tickets, although it is unusual for tourists to attempt to use this service. Bus trips can be slow as there is often a lengthy wait to assemble a convoy (necessary in more dangerous areas). If planning to travel by bus, keep in mind that the vehicles are old and very dusty, and some roads are bad. Ethiopians do not like opening the bus windows, so it gets hot and stuffy inside by afternoon.

Car Rental

This is available from Avis and Hertz in Addis Ababa.

Documentation: Full valid international or Ethiopian licence is required. Licence from country of origin must be endorsed locally.

Urban Transportation

Taxis are available in Addis Ababa and other major towns. These include blue-and-white mini buses; they sometimes offer service on a shared basis and are inexpensive. Fares are not usually metered and should be negotiated before traveling. Personalised and specific trips should be negotiated with the driver in advance of travel. In Addis Ababa, the National Tour Operation (NTO) operates luxury taxis. They are stationed outside major hotels and at the airport. There are also yellow taxis at the airport. Neither have meters.





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